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Quarantini Collection: 5 Piece Summer Box of Chocolates by Christopher Norman Chocolates, Halfmoon Bay BC

Quarantini Collection | 5 Pieces Summer Box

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To keep fighting loneliness in those challenging times, we are introducing a cute, brown Summer 5 piece box of seasonally appropriate chocolates, inspired by the recent fairer weather. 

This box of chocolates makes a perfect gift, especially for those of you who were sent our Quarantini box by a friend. It even makes a perfect gift for those who did not send you anything!

Christopher Norman Chocolates is committed to donating 5% of our chocolate sales to COVID research.

Truffle Flavours:

  • Dark Chocolate (min 70% cacao content) with Blood Orange Ganache
  • Dark Chocolate (min 70% cacao content) with Hazelnut Lemon Ganache
  • Dark Chocolate (min 70% cacao content) with Burned Caramel Ganache
  • Milk Chocolate (min 38% Cacao Content) with Wild Berry Ganache
  • Dark Chocolate (min 70% cacao content) with Maple Syrup Ganache