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Cold-Smoked Chocolates Collection

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Ever wondered what Smoked Chocolate could taste like? Enjoy a fine pouch of our finest dark, milk, and white Valhrona smoked Chocolate disks. 
No rolling papers required to get your smoke on, and the chocolates come in an environmentally conscious packaging pouch! 

The practice of smoking food is as ancient as the human race, used for preserving and for the wonderful taste that smoked foods provide.
There are three methods to smoke foods: Cold-Smoked, Hot-Smoked and Smoke-Roasted. Other than roasting cocoa beans using a wood fire, the last two methods will not work for this finished product!

Enjoy this Cold -Smoked selection of chocolate wafers by savoring them. 
The receptors for fat are toward the back of the tongue. Receptor CD36, a relatively recent discovery, is the sixth sense of the tongue. Sensitivity to fat varies to the individual. However, fat is where it’s at! That is one of our favorite food sayings! Recently, we did a tasting with the smoked chocolate with our local wine club, and we found Port to be a perfect pairing.

Net weight: 2.5oz or 70gramms

From John Christopher Norman Down