Chocolate Animals

Shop our available selection of nature inspired chocolate art. A sweet treat to the eyes and for the tastebuds! 

A secretive cat with glitter eye-wash is waiting for you at Christopher Norman!
Chocolate Butterflies (box of 12) by John Down
$25.00 $27.00
Spring is in the air. The sun is shining. We all get to take deep breaths at home, and we experience the butterflies. Two flavours: Springtime...
Songbirds Chocolates (12 pieces box) A little while ago, John Down painted a collection of various colorful songbirds we have been hearing across our North...
Let me hear some roars and get some back scratches from these Chocolate Bears! A 20% donation from sales of these bears goes directly to the...
What's more fun than a Chocolate Pig?   How about a Chocolate Pig with Baby Chocolate Piggies inside! There are 8 piglets inside, 4 Dark...