About Us


From the Big Apple to beautiful Halfmoon Bay

From humble beginnings in a small kitchen in Soho, Vancouver artist John Down and musician Joe Guiliano began creating provocative, luxurious, Christopher Norman Chocolates. John quickly gained fame as the cacao king of New York, but after 9/11, they began to long for the serene beauty of John’s native BC West Coast.

While John is always busy putting his fertile imagination to work, creating intriguing flavour profiles and fresh ideas, Joe expertly handles the business side.

At the heart of our business, is the desire to craft creative, high-quality chocolate, while doing everything we can to be an environmentally conscious business. We have implemented zero waste practices across all stages of our process. Over 90% of our waste is recycled, reused, or composted. Our delivery vehicle on the Sunshine Coast is electric. Our facility is solar assisted. We do this because we care about the place we live.