Celebrate Easter in High Cacao Fashion

Easter Chocolates

Who doesn't love a good Easter Bunny? How about an Exquisite chocolate bunny, or a futuristic Racer Bunny? How about an exquisite AND Vegan Easter bunny?! You spoke and we listened.

We are excited to present you the Christopher Norman Chocolates Easter collection.

marbleized chocolate racer bunny

The Marbleized Racer Bunny. 160 grams. Cost: 24 CAD.


3 small Easter Bunnies with 3 different Cacao. Weight: 20.5 grams. Cost: 8 CAD

Easter Eggs with Bunny InsideTwo Chocolate eggs filled with dark chocolate bunnies per box. Weight: 54 grams per egg (108 grams total). Cost: 26CAD.


Large Laughing Bunnies. Weight:  3 oz (80 grams). Vegan option available (Dark Chocolate). Cost: 15CAD.

Easter Marshmallows (Set of 6). Weight: 165 grams. Cost: 14 CAD

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