Christmas Gifts & Indulgences

The holidays are near and it is go time to think gifts, dinners with family and friends, and the joyful opportunity to spend time with close ones. For this festive time of the year, we innovated, and we also took the risk to revisit timeless classics, with the intent of seducing even the most blase of taste buds. 


The Booze Box  

End this Year on a high lasting note on your pallet with high class liquor and chocolates. Discover our indulgent  Chocolate Booze Box, and our Chocolate Champagne Truffles, rich with a  Fabulous Champagne de Champagne and Dark Chocolate Ganache.

Are you a Wine Lover? 

Try our fine wine pairing chocolates. Three fine chocolate discs per flavour. Three exclusive Christopher Norman Chocolates Cacao blends inside this environmentally conscious packaging pouch: Itakuja 55%, CNC Special Blend 72%, Ecuador Amazonia 75%.


Hot Chocolate: Cocoa Pouch or Ready to Stir Sticks

You are a Cocoa Lover, and you desire the most Fabulous flavor in your cup. Try our ready Hot Chocolate Stir Sticks with an exclusive blend of White and Dark Chocolate, ready to gently melt in a cup of boiling Cream, milk, coconut cream or water. If you like to adjust the richness of your drink, we also recommend our Hot chocolate mix blend, ground and packaged in an environmentally conscious and resealable pouch.


Cheers and Happy Holidays! 

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