Our Process: How to Make a Perfect Hand-Made Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Bar

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Bar by Christopher Norman Chocolates
Ever wondered what goes into the making of a fine chocolate bar? How Christopher Norman Chocolates makes a truffle with a thin hardened chocolate shell and a smooth ganache filling? What defines hand-made chocolates?

Big chocolate factories use automated, calibrated machines at every stage of the process. This includes bean selection, roasting, grinding, tempering, pouring the chocolate and the fillings in the molds, unmolding of the chocolate bars and truffles, wrapping and encasing of the products.

Here at Christopher Norman Chocolates, we do things differently. We rely on three decades of passion, commitment and personal experience. We pair old-World methods with fresh ingredients for an unparalleled chocolate quality. By doing everything ourselves, we guarantee complete control over the entire process. Thus, even our chocolate bars are hand-wrapped. Waste of time you will say? Not really. See below the skilled process of making a salted caramel dark chocolate bar, filled with smooth home-made caramel and a sprinkle of crunchy, sustainable and exquisite sea-salt flakes from Vancouver Island

Are you curious to see how we make chocolates? Discover our step-by-step process below.

Step 1: Fill the molds with tempered cacao.

Fillling chocolate molds with tempered cacao

Step 2: Pour home-made caramel in the cured chocolate shells.
pouring caramel in the cured chocolate shells

Step 3: Grind coarse sea-salt into medium flakes.
grinding coarse sea-salt for salted caramel chocolate bars

Step 4: Sprinkle sea salt on top of the caramel.

sprinkle sea-salt in the salted caramel dark chocolate bars by Christopher Norman Chocolates

Step 5: Cap the salted caramel dark chocolate bars with tempered chocolate.

cap dark chocolate bars

Step 6: Unmold the bars after the chocolate cured.

umolding the chocolate bars after the chocolate solidified and cured

Step 7: Wrap the Chocolate Bars.

chocolate bars wrapping by Christopher Norman Chocolates

 Bon Appetit!

- John Down, Master Chocolatier.


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