New York City - Where it All Began

John down presents his hand-made chocolate in New York

The Birth of the Cocoa King

In 1992, Christopher Norman Chocolates began inauspiciously in a small atelier off the Bowery, in what has now become the infamous/famous Freeman Alley, at the border of China Town and Little Italy, in New York City.

Christopher Norman started as a private enterprise to supply dinner guests with hand-made chocolates, which quickly grew to become one of New York City’s finest artisanal chocolate creators.


Christopher Norman Chocolates featured in the New York Times

Master Chocolatier John Down put considerable fine arts and design talent to work in the creation of a new genre of hand-made chocolates, attracting New York City’s exclusive retail markets.


Over time, Christopher Norman Chocolates became a signature product at Dean & DeLuca, Balducci’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Corcoran, Henri Bendel’s, Nordstrom, Williams Sonoma, Neiman Marcus, Martha Stewart and Whole Foods, as well as the signature chocolates of choice for famous artists and corporate groups.

Acclaimed all the way to Japan

Further international success also pushed Christopher Norman to be available on the shelves of some of Japan's finest department stores, with a notable presence in Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto.

Christopher Norman Chocolate Art in a japanese magazine

Christopher Norman Chocolates Revives in Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia, Canada

After developing respiratory issues due to the degraded air quality after 9/11, the New-York adventure had to end and John regained health in the beautiful nature of the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, closing a chapter long of 25 years in New York City.  

Originally from BC, we chose Halfmoon Bay for it is rich in natural treasures with direct hiking access to wild mountains, lakes and beaches. which allowed them to regain health. Christopher Norman Chocolates now lives in Halfmoon Bay, and our chocolates fans are repopulating, ordering our chocolates online, or from specialized retail in areas such as The Sunshine Coast of BC, Vancouver, Toronto,  and New York City again!
Christopher Norman Chocolates moves from New York City to the Sunshine Coast BC

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