Quarantini Collection: Self-Isolated Chocolates to Cope with Social Distancing

March 19, 2020

B.C. Chocolate Maker creates ‘Social Distancing Comfort Kit’ in effort to stay afloat in sinking COVID-19 economy.

Christopher Norman Chocolates has created a new product called “Quarantini Chocolates,” aimed at providing chocolate happiness to those who are social distancing or self isolating during the COVID-19 crisis.
Like many other small businesses, we have been hit by COVID-19,” says owner John Down. “I saw an opportunity to create a product with a little humour. One that people can enjoy alone or send to others as a way of reaching out, without physical contact during this difficult time."
Originally from the North Shore, John Down built his successful chocolate and art business in New York City. He has been featured on TV shows, including Anthony Bourdain and Martha Stewart, and his unique artisanal chocolates have appeared in top culinary magazines.
He moved to Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast several years ago.
John Down is available for interviews in Vancouver or on the Sunshine Coast. 
Please contact: Catherine Pope 

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