New Chocolate Confections
Discover the latest Christopher Norman Chocolates and seasonal indulgences.
Linear 8 Piece Chocolate Box by Christopher Norman
Discover our new 8 piece Linear box of Fruits and Caramel Chocolates!  Featuring Dark, Milk and White Chocolates with fantastic ganache from Christopher Norman Chocolates....
12 Piece Christopher Norman Chocolates Signature Box
A new and classy 12 piece signature box for 2021, full of our most favorite contemporary flavours: Burnt Caramel Blood Orange Quebec Maple Chocolate Lime...
Hazelnut Lemon Milk Chocolate Bar
$7.50 $8.50
When life throws you lemons... They turn out better paired with hazelnut inside a Milk Chocolate bar! Inspired by traditional Italian desserts, this new creation is...
Treat yourself The Fabulous 5 Accessory gift box is a little thing we did for you. Because everyone ordering chocolate to gift to someone else...
24 Pieces Gift Box of Dark, Milk, and White Chocolates 24 Pieces Gift Box of Dark, Milk, and White Chocolates
Three Words to show someone special how much you care: Box of Chocolates. A wonderful gift-box featuring an assortment of twenty-four divinely tasting dark, milk and...
Quarantini Collection: Self Isolated Chocolates inspired by balcony singing. An idea by John Down, head Chocolatier of Christopher Norman Chocolates
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it...
12 Pieces Songbirds Chocolate Box by Christopher Norman Chocolates
$33.00 $40.00
$33.00 $40.00
Songbirds Chocolates (12 pieces box) A little while ago, John Down painted a collection of various colorful songbirds we have been hearing across our North...
Oh La La Lime Dark Chocolate Citrus Bar by Christopher Norman
$7.50 $8.50
A fantastic ganache of soft caramel and green lime, inside a Valhrona 70% dark chocolate bar. Slightly acidic, citrusy, dark chocolatey, and Ooh-la-Lime... weight: 45g.
Toasted coconut curry dark chocolate bar, by Christopher Norman Chocolates
$7.50 $8.50
A delicious, unique and exotic mix, which will seduce even the pickiest of extravagant chocolate experts and enthusiasts alike. Toasted Coconut flakes and our homemade...
Dark Chocolate Maple Syrup Bar by Christopher Norman Chocolates
$7.50 $8.50
A bright and authentic taste of Canada. Discover our dark chocolate Maple Syrup bar, made with real Canadian maple syrup filling, and generously coated with...
Chocolate Butterflies (box of 12) by John Down
$33.00 $40.00
Spring is in the air. The sun is shining. We all get to take deep breaths at home, and we experience the butterflies. Casual Caramels await...
Plant-based Faux Milk Chocolate Bar made with Oats and Cashews
A plant-based faux Milk Chocolate bar!  Made with Non-GMO Oat Flour and Cashew Butter, it simulates the smooth perfection of Milk Chocolate without the  problems...