Valentine Chocolates
A collection of fabulous handmade chocolate gift boxes exclusively made for Valentine's day by Christopher Norman Chocolates!
Mother's Day Chocolate Heart filled with 8 Truffles Mother's Day Chocolate Heart filled with 8 Truffles
A gorgeous hand-painted Chocolate Heart Box designed by John Down, filled with 8 hand-made Christopher Norman Chocolates pieces, including our Dark Chocolate Champagne Hearts, our...
12 Pieces Songbirds Chocolate Box by Christopher Norman Chocolates
$33.00 $40.00
$33.00 $40.00
Songbirds Chocolates (12 pieces box) A little while ago, John Down painted a collection of various colorful songbirds we have been hearing across our North...
Champagne Chocolate Truffles - Box of 9 pieces
The ultimate indulgence. Exquisitely Delicious Champagne Truffles by Christopher Norman Chocolates.Enjoy the completely satisfying taste of our Dark Chocolate truffles filled with fabulous Champagne and...