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CBC: September 11 2018: NYC Chocolatiers rebuild their lives in B.C.


Christopher Norman Chocolates in the spotlight - news article on the resurrection of christopher norman in canada after 9/11

Rekindling the Artistic Fire after 9/11 - Sunshine Coast Living

Sweet move - Christopher norman chocolates moves from NYC to the Sunshine Coast
Sweet Move: New York Chocolatier Moves Operation to the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia Canada.
japan-john-down-chocolate-artChristopher Norman's chocolate art is featured in international magazines and expositions as far as Tokyo, Japan.

christopher norman chocolates christmas decorations magazine

 A taste of decadence: Making chocolates for Jewelry Henry Birks.

New York Times - Christopher Norman Chocolates

Christopher Norman Chocolates was featured  several times in the New York Times,  including these 1999 and 2000 December edition.


Joe Giuliano on the cover of SmallBiz

Joe Guiliano on the cover of SmallBiz, 2003

Fancy Food - feature Christopher Norman Chocolates